AV performance (50 min)

2018.04.10. 21.00
Három Holló / Drei Raben | színházterem / theater room
1052 Budapest Piarista köz 1.

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A két tagú formáció, az angol live cinema pionírjaiként számon tartott Light Surgeons új kísérleti AV szettel mutatkozik be a ROM-on. Az előadás különböző hangzó és vizuálos elemeket egyesít, amelyek a tavaly elhunyt John Berger regényíró, költő és festő életművét, szellemiségét kontextualizálja újra.

“Atemporal” is a new experimental live AV set by UK live cinema pioneers The Light Surgeons, performed only once before as a scratch performance for the event Testcard in Manchester in November last year. It is performed by audio visual artists Tim Cowie and Christopher Thomas Allen and weaves together existing and previously unseen or heard audio visual work into a poetic, contemplative live audio visual essay that explores the themes of memory, time and space.

Its draws on a collection of visual material originally created for a one-off performance at Graphic Festival at the Sydney Opera House with the band Cinematic Orchestra, unseen material from their work for the British Film Institute and excepts for a new audio visual art installation developed through a residency at Oddstream in the Netherlands.

These different sonic and visual elements are mixed together live and re-contextualised with the words of novelist, painter and poet John Berger who sadly passed away in January last year.




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